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As an avid traveller I have had different experiences in the many places I came upon. After exploring the city or the town, you go back to some places only to sleep, but many others were the places to be, the place that is so charming and comfortable that you want to stay and never leave. I was all the time wondering about these places and at the same time discovering what made them that way; was it the light or the colours, was it the outside gardens or the views. And on the street level was it the many tables from the restaurants and coffee shops, or were the trees in the car-less street with the flower-pots hanging from the balconies attracting that many people to that part of town.

I want to create these places for you, my objective as your architect is not only to design, build and develop beautiful functional buildings, but to design the place where you enjoy to be, a place that feeds your creativity, your health, your sense of well-being, a place that is continuously working for you and in your favour, a place that emboldens you to do more of what you love. And it is also the place that is integrated into your neighbourhood and city that roots you in your community, and provokes your curiosity and exploration.

I believe that a successful design comes from three important components, the site, the client and the architect. Working closely with the client needs and desires, and by preserving and bringing up as much as possible the natural conditions of the site it is possible to create a cohesive and elegant solution for each project that is innovative and sustainable at the same time.

"a successful design comes from three important components, the site, the client and the architect."

Paloma Leé Chuquín

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Architect. Designer. Traveller. Entrepreneur

Paloma started her architecture education in her hometown of Arequipa, Perú. She graduated with a master degree In Architecture from the Universidad Nacional de San Agustin (UNSA) in 2008. While she was attending university, she worked in a part-time job in a construction company where she became the resident architect for a project where she gained experience in the construction management side of architecture.

After finishing her bachelor degree as an architect, she worked in an architecture studio which focused on residential, stores and offices, where she was able to develop her skills as a designer. When she got her master degree in Architecture she moved to South Africa where she was working in one of the most important firms of the country, LYT Architecture, where she was involved in a variety of projects bigger in scale and in complexity that includes, retail, residential, industrial, educational and leisure projects.

In 2013, she travelled for nearly a year through India and South East Asia to explore the different cultures and types of architecture, where she grew her interest for how cities work, urban planning and transportation. In 2015 Paloma Leé Architect was founded, which focuses on custom modern homes for contemporary living, renovations, accommodation, business, urban design, interior design and furniture design.