Re-design Your Children’s Room With These Tips

When having children there many aspects parents care about, but probably one of the most important is to keep them busy with activities that enhance their growing experience. Children are always active, they like to run, climb and play without stop and there isn’t always a park near in Johannesburg or there isn’t enough time to take them to the park to explore and use some of that energy.

For that, parents can use some of these ideas to design or redesign the room of their children for them to enjoy the time at home.

  • The colours in your children room can influence them in different ways, check this article explaining the effect of colours. But independently of the colours you can chose to decorate the walls in different ways to start getting the interest of your children in different things, like a big map of the world, or the letters of the alphabet, or different animals, their names and how to write it.



  • Another way to reinforce creativity in children, is drawing, for that matter we can make a part of the wall of a children bedroom a chalk board, it can be changed easily over time, and children can draw as much as they want and express themselves as much as they want.

  • You can set a board where children can hang or stick their drawings, pictures with friends, their paintings or anything they feel like, it is very important for children the appreciation of their work and creating an exposition wall of their works can help you achieve this.


  • As for children energy, it is possible to create a little circuit using the bed, a hanging net, or hanging a rope from the ceiling, they can climb, swing, check some options below:



  • Getting your children into reading is probably one of the most important goals parents would like to achieve, creating a reading corner where you can read to your child and where later he or she can seat to read is a way to get them into the amazing habit of reading.


  • As parents, you want to teach your children to be neat, to accomplish this you can use a rack with cups for their different types of pens and set a up specific containers with names for their toys, the use of names is very important as they will know where exactly things go and you will create the incentive of neatness and order.


  • Be aware when using bunk beds to make sure the second bed is high enough for a parent to sit comfortably on the bottom and the ceiling to be high enough for the child to be able to stand on the bed, as children can feel claustrophobic when the height is too low or they feel uncomfortable when they see their parents cannot sit on the bed comfortably. Bunk beds can be good for space, but you should be careful when choosing them.

With all these tips, we can create a little adventure world for your children in their own room, where they can learn and play.